Suction Guide Suction Guide

Suction Guide (Flow Straighter)

Service Recommendation

Suction guide has been designed for direct mounting to the suction side of pump in either a horizontal or vertical position. In addition to removing any foreign particles that may be hazard to the pump or other system components. This unit also provided the prospect flow conditions to the pump.

Saves Time & Money

Since suction guide replaces the elbow, strainer and entry pipe on the suction side of the pump installation cost is reduced & saves labour & time.


Body MS fabricated IS:2062

Flanges: As per BS-10, Table E

Filter Element: SS-304, Thickness of filter element 0.5mm with 3mm perforation duly overlapped by wiremesh screen which is to be removed while commissioning the plant.

This model has less weight and cost than CI suction guide and very easy to install in system.

Filtration Area

Suction guide has 4 times more filtration area than Y Strainers, so it has very less pressure drop.

Size Available

  • From 50 NB to 30 NB

  • Reducing sizes area also available

  • Dimension are as per drawing.

  • These units area available with equal size flanges or a reduced outlet flange enabling it to replace the reducing elbows.

Saves the space

Where ever space is limited the suction guide can be used to replace 900 elbows for primary or additional strainers protection.


Our new suction guide not only removes foreign particles from the system but also improves the efficiency of pump. It provides optimum flow conditions on the pump inlet due to straightened veins provided at outlet side to reduce turbulence so that stress and erosion on pump parts are minimized, suction guide has been designed in such a fashion, that all sediment/foreign particles settled down at bottom and can be flushed out with ball valve without opening dead plate.

More Features:

  1. Minimum pressure drop.

  2. Saves space as it eliminates bends, elbow & reduces.

  3. Increases pump efficiency.

  4. Protects pump seal from ducts & others minter particles.


Inner filter is made of stainless steel having 3 mm hole of grade SS304 and outer filter is made of wire mess stainless steel having 40 mesh per square inch with V shape Grooved, (This outer filter is to be removed after commissioning the system). The outer filter removes all small particles from the system to prevent seal failure and instrumentation damage during commissioning.

Magnetic Plug & Drain Valve

A powerful magnet is provided in dead plate to attract the iron particles, & very easy to remove without disturbing pipe line. One ball valve is provided at drain to flush out the foreign particles and liquid.

Specification | Design May be change without any prior Intimation