Hot Water Generator

Hot Water Generators

Vessel Construction

Vertical/Horizontal vessel of Hot Water Generator is made out of good quality of Mild Steel IS-2062 standard design temperature and pressure 180oF and 250 PSI respectively. Hot Water Generator is provided with 2 to 8 Banks, equally distributed load, Factory wired.

Control Panel

Heavy gauge control panel and vessel of Hot Water Generator attached to a welded frame, mounted on 100 x 50 MS channel base. All surface protected against corrosion with powder coated finish (Orange Shade) lifting lugs are welded directly to vessel as standard.


Hot Water Generator is insulated with 50 mm to 100 mm THK. Fiber glass wool of density 24kg/m(3) with help of welded angle frame. Hot Water Generator finally cladded with 0.8mm THK. AL. sheet /GP sheet (as per requirement customer).

Microprocessor Step Controller

A Microprocessed based Step Controller is installed with in build up time delay relay and recycling sequence is also provided to insure all elements and contractors receive equal wear by rotating on time. Benefits include less frequent element cleaning and even wear of all contractors. A recycling relay is also inbuilt return controllers to off position after power failure.

Element Boundless

Electrical heaters are provided in banks of equal capacity distributed on power phase. The heaters are mounted on M.S. Flange with Stainless Steel Studs and nuts for easily removable of Heaters, without opening of top flange and other components, heaters are suitable for 415+/ -10% volts 50 cycle 50 HZ. Three phase supply (AC) and are in direct contact with water contained in vessel.

Electrical Controls & Accessories

Copper Bus Bar, MCCB, HRC Fuses Alarm, Indication Lights, Volts and Amp. Meters, Pressure relief valve & VSS & ASS, High Temperature Cutout, Low Level Cutout, Door Interlocking Switch, Drain Valve at bottom & Auto Vent on top are provided in Hot Water Generators. All components are internally wired at works.

Pressure Test

Hot Water Generators are tested at 21 kg/cm by hydraulic pressure for 24 Hours.

Benefits of Electrical operated HWG

  • High efficiency

  • Low maintenance & years of trouble free operation.

  • Clean & quit operation.

  • Easy to install & can be located close to the point of use.

  • Environmentally friendly & pollution free.

  • No chimney required.

  • No fuel storage required.

  • Optional Design Available

    a) Hot water generator are also manufactured for outdoor applications complete with double door & Cannopy.
    b) The hot water generator are also available with semi conductor rectifier design which provides a longer life to heater and saves energy by the concept of providing control frequency to the heaters.

Specification | Design May be change without any prior Intimation