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Air Washer

Emerald Evaporative cooling systems provide effective air Temperature cooling to meet your temperature requirements. The units are designed in such a manner that it gives maximum efficiency, consumes less energy & delivers the comfort air as per the clients requirement. These units are available in Single/ Double modular, Draw type comprising various sections such as Spray section, Filter sections, Fan section, mist eliminator etc. Framework for each section shall be joined together with soft neoprene gasket to make the joint airtight. The panel shall be 25 mm thick. These panels shall be joined together in the frame work. In case of Double Skin, the Panels are puff injected.

Imported Cellulose Pads having 200 mm thickness & 90% efficiency are used in the Evaporative units. The velocity across the pads is considered as 500fpm. Stainless Steel distributors are provided above the pads so that proper Spray of water is provided on the pads. GI/ Stainless Steel Pipes are used for Headers.

Wet Section comprises of Stainless Steel Sump of 18G thickness complete with float connections for Drain, quick fill up, Makeup & Overflow.

The Fans are imported forward/ backward curved DIDW type duly statically & dynamically balanced along with TEFC sq. Cage induction motor & with drive arrangements. The fan & motor shall be placed on common channel base with spring isolators/ cushy foot mounts to eliminate the vibration.

All Fans & Motors are carefully selected so as to give maximum efficiency, low noise, consumes less energy.

All Emerald Evaporative cooling units are complete with Eliminators to avoid the carryover of water from the wet section to the fan sections.

Pre Filters with Aluminum Frame, HDPE media and washable type having efficiency of 90% down to 10 microns are provided in cooling units.


a) The air washer are also available for outdoor application along with Cannopy.
b) The Air Washers are also available with VFD Compatible, EFFI Motors are as per client requirement.
Capacity Available: 1000CFM- 250000CFM

Ventilation Units

Emerald Ventilation units are used to enhance airflow for improved cooling Systems, Emerald Ventilation units are constructed with modular, Draw type comprising, Filter sections, Fan sections, Framework for each section are joined together in the framework. In case of Double Skin the Panels are puff injected.

All units are designed to give maximum efficiency & consume less energy.

Pre filters with aluminum frame, HDPE media and washable type having efficiency of 90% down to 10 microns are provided in the cooling units.

Specification | Design May be change without any prior Intimation