Air Handling Units Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units

Emerald Presents a new and wide range of low noise Double Skin Air Handling Units manufactured in its Faridabad works with world class capability.

The doubled skin air handling units are compact in design vibration free resulting in low noise, sturdy construction and better thermal insulation.

These are available from 1200 CFM to 60000 CFM. The chambers described below are placed in sequence thus AHU is formed allowing the flexible solution in HVAC Systems.

Emerald AHU are designed to meet most modern necessity of installation,these are designed to facility better maintance, easy transportation and installation.

Key Features:

  • Frame Work:- Frame has rigid outer chambered extruded Aluminum anodized section having fiber glass corners joints

  • Panels:- Outer Section of Panel is of 24 Gauge percolated sheet and inner section is fabricated is out of 24 gauge Galvanized sheet both section are pressed with each other and injected with polyurethane puff of density 38kg/m.

  • Inspection Window:- For Inspection and Maintenance purpose various parts of AHU, can be attended with help of inspection window, which is provided.

  • Filter Section:- As standard Pre Filter are provided with AHU, Various Type of Filters are available like  HEPA Filter, Fine Filter on demand.

  • Coil Section:- Coils are manufactured of good quality of copper pipe having Aluminum Fins and having sufficient contact area of Air to transfer cooling/heating.

  • Fan Section:- Fans are imported make Nicotra / Kruger with DIDW, Forward and Backward curved with fans duly interlocked with fan section's access door. The complete fan section is isolated by Rubber Sandwich manages to eliminate vibration & Noise.

  • Drain Pain:- AHU has been designed to provide excellent Indoor quality, Drain Pan is fabricated out of 1.2 mm TK Stainless Steel Sheet Gr. SS-304, which is corrosion resistance. The Drain Pan with a proper slope assures quick & complete water drainage, leaving no chance of immigration of moisture which leads to generate microbiological Germs.


    1200 EAHU-12 7X7 INCH 0.75 0.22 0.22 890X825X1400
    1600 EAHU-16 9X9 INCH 0.55 0.29 0.29 1000X825X1400
    2000 EAHU-20 10X10 INCH 1.1 0.37 0.37 1025X925X1460
    2500 EAHU-25 12X12 INCH 1.1 0.46 0.46 1025X925X1525
    3000 EAHU-30 12X12 INCH 1.5 0.55 0.55 1180X1030X1815
    4000 EAHU-40 15X15 INCH 1.5 0.74 0.74 1275X1180X1815
    5000 EAHU-50 18X18 INCH 2.2 0.92 0.94 1490X1180X1815
    6000 EAHU-60 18X18 INCH 2.2 1.11 1.11 1610X1275X1900
    8000 EAHU-80 450MM 3.7 1.48 1.48 1775X1415X2000
    10000 EAHU-100 500MM 5.5 1.85 1.85 1960X1570X2110
    12000 EAHU-120 560MM 5.5 2.22 2.22 2180X1715X2250
    16000 EAHU-160 630MM 7.5 2.97 2.97 2275X1875X2400
    20000 EAHU-200 710MM 9.3 3.71 3.71 2650X2015X2800
    25000 EAHU-250 800MM 11.0 4.64 4.64 2900X2400X2800
    30000 EAHU-300 900MM 11.0 5.57 5.57 2980X2400X2800
    35000 EAHU-350 100MM 15.0 6.50 6.50 3180X2575X3000
    40000 EAHU-400 2X710MM 2X9.3 7.43 7.43 3375X2715X2800
    45000 EAHU-450 2X800MM 2X9.3 8.36 8.36 3450X2820X2800
    50000 EAHU-500 2X800MM 2X11.0 9.26 9.26 3625X2950X2800
    55000 EAHU-550 2X900MM 2X11.0 10.22 10.22 4150X3250X2800
    60000 EAHU-600 2X900MM 2X11.0 11.15 11.15 5200X2850X2800

Suspended Double Skin Air Handling and AHU

These units can be suspended from the ceiling thus requiring no floor space. These units are ideal for commercial application here floor space is at premium. As they are noiseless and can be tucked away above the false ceiling, they find the space inside the conditioned area itself reducing installation costs and also remain unobtrusive giving flexibility to the design of the interior.

They are available in 7 models with air quantity ranging from 3300CMH to 10000CMH, and an external static pressure range of 20mm to 20mm.

You have the option to choose between direct driven with 3 speed single phase motor and belt driven with 3 phase motor.

Airwashers Evaporative Cooling System

Emerald-Air Washers with cellulose paper pads, cross sectional, specially treated fluid media capable of absorbing and retaining water to provide the maximum cooling efficiencies. The cooling pad is cross-corrugated to maximize the mixing of air and water and eliminate water carryover.

Emerald Airwashers are designed for compasctness and rigid construction. CASING- GI Sheet, stainless steel S.S. 304 and double skin with polyurethane foam. Blowers statically and dynamically balanced. Blower's motors mounted on anti vibration pad BEARINGS self Aligning pillow type (imported) FILTERS G.I. Wiremesh Filter/Synthetic Media.

Emerald- Airwashers are very usefull for: Hotels-Restaurants (Banquet Halls, kitchens Factories- (Production area cantten etc.) Food Processing Units, Cinema hall Generators

EAW 4 4000 8 2 H.P 1/4 H.P
EAW 6 6000 12 3 H.P 1/4 H.P
EAW 8 8000 16 5 H.P 1/4 HP
EAW 10 10000 20 5 H.P 1/4 H.P
EAW 12 12000 24 7.5 H.P 1/4 H.P
EAW 15 15000 30 7.5 H.P 1/2 H.P
EAW 18 18000 36 10 H.P 1/2 H.P
EAW 20 20000 40 10 H.P 1/2 H.P
EAW 25 25000 50 12.5 H.P 1/2 H.P
EAW 30 30000 60 15 H.P 1/2 H.P
EAW 40 40000 80 20 H.P 3/4 H.P
EAW 50 50000 100 25 H.P 3/4 H.P