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Emerald Industrial Thermometers are well known and widely used in many applications where the correct and safe measuring of temperatures is neceessary. Emerald. Industrial Thermomenters are known for their quality as well as for their reliability. These instruments can be used for many applications. Airconditioning and refrigeration, Ship's engines, Chemical plants, Power stations, Heating systems and are the preferred measuring instruments for even difficult or safety relevant utilizations.

Additional Advantages

a) Maintenance free and operation without energy consumption.

b) The most modern production facilities are available to ensure reliable products at very competitive prices.

c) All details / Data are subject to final confirmation due to regular appropriate technical revisions.


Casigs are available

Aluminium Alloy anodized gold coloured surfaces resistant against aggressive vapours, with double scale: c and F in black colur.

The casting is adjustable to any required viewing position and locked by a brass nut.

The following casing sizes are available:

200X36mm Aluminium Alloy, 150X36m Aluminium Alloy



Material Brass standard 1/2 BSP (MPT) with 80mm long, stems sizes are also made of different sizes from 25 to 200mm long as per customer demand.



The most important part of the thermometer is the capillary as it is the part measuring the temperature. Due to the V form the capillary is em/bedded in the casting and is highly protected against damages.


Impact and vibrations are dampened by rubber elements.

The burnt-in graduation is resistant against aggressive vapours.

The accuracy according to ISI comes to about 1% of the maximum scale value and corresponds with the requiremtns for local reading thermomenters.



Calibration certified by SHRI RAM INSTITUTE for Industrial Research New Delhi



Body:- Stainless Steel SS 304, Aluminium, Mid Steel IS- 2062

Dial:- Available 100mm & 150mm Black & Red Figures on WHite Ground.

Acuating Element:- BIMETAL/VAPOUR

Connection:-  Standard-1/2 BSP Male Thread with 80 mm long well diffrent long sizes well are also available on demand

Stem: Brass, Stainless Steel


Specification | Design May be change without any prior Intimation