Strainer Cum Dust Free Water Through a Single Unit ( Series EEGS-111)

Duplex /Dual Basket Strainer Simplex Type
Grooved Strainer

Strainer Cum Dust Free
Water Through a Single Unit (Series EEGS-111)
Automatic Back Wash Strainers

Strainer Cum Dust Free Water Through a Single Unit ( Series EEGS-111)

Series EAR-110

HVAC industries has always problem of dust, Iron fills & Other foreign particles those effect on life and efficiency of a heating or cooling system is main dependent on the quality of system water, Dust casses damages of cooling coil & pump components, corrission, Cavitations are produced by dirty water in system, recurring this problems & increased maintenance results high cost.

1) We have introduced Series EAR-110 to solve this problem. There is a unique device whose combined action will remove Iron partiles & Dust from the system.


An EAR series strainer has five media filter elements having different sizes of mesh for changing over for better filtration of water in system befor commissioning.

First, Start system with less mesh of filter having 03 mm perforation 40 mesh in a square inch. Rest all filter media may be kept safe to repeat same method while cleaning the system again after six months, by using different type of Bucket.

Main Body

Fabricated out of Heavy Duty 'C' Class Pipe Grade IS-2062. two sizes are higher than the strainer pipe size duly expoxy painted.

Filter Media

A cartridge having five different type of filters made of stainless steel grade SS0304 are provided for changing over.

Design: as per out series-SSPL-107

Rating: PN-10 & PN-16 available Filteration Area: 1:6

Magnet: A permanent powerfull magnetic plug provided to attract the iron fills.

Bonnet Gasket: CAG


Specification | Design May be change without any prior Intimation