Automatic Back Wash Strainer


An automatic backwash strainer is a device installed in a pipeline to remove dirt and other unwanted debris from fluids. Straining is accomplished by directing the fluid through sized openings in wedge Grooved type. Perforated or mesh straining elements. Automatic Backwash strainers have integral back wash systems designed to isolate and clean a small portion of the element while the remaining area continues to strain normally. During operation, fluid flow through the strainer is continuous. A small portion of the fluid being strained is used to carry the concentrated debris through the backwash system away from the strainer.

Automatic backwash strainers are installed where continuous removeal of debris from the process fluid is required and where fluid flow cannot be interrupted for cleaning the straining element. These automatic backwash strainers are used where manual cleaning is not convenient or practicable for reasons such as the need for frequent claning, possibility of strainer not being cleaned when required due to remote location, variable loading rate. etc.

Trapped debris is retained inside straining element, cavities resulting high-pressure drop in the system these accumulated solids are then back-washed through the backwash system. Automatic Backwash strainers are rated to with stand the pressures of the piping system design.


Automatic Backwash Strainers are used to protect equipment Such as valves, pumps, motors, heat exchangers or spray nozzles, as well as in feed water and process water applicaaitons or virtually any similar application.

How to Operate

When Necessay to shut down the system, put strainers on back-wash operation only for 5 minutes to clean the straining elements close the inlets and outlets valves, open the drain valves fully and vent cock on the strainers cover the chamber drain valve should also be fully opened. Do not allow the strining elements to dry while dirty.

All internal parts of automatic backwash strainer are made of stainless steel SS-304.



Body is fabricated out of M.S Plate is 2026. Thickness of sheet & sizes are be as per table below, chamfered pipe with flanges are provided at inlet/outlet connections of the Automatic Back Wash strainer. The automatic backwash strainer body has two separate chambers properly sealed to avoid mixing of filtered and unfiltered water. A powerfull magnet is provided in the body to arrest MS particles.

Filter Element

A) Outer filter is made out of stainless steel wire mesh Gr.SS-304 having 100 mesh with wedge Grooved type to have more surface area for better cleaning & Shall be removed after flushing the system and befor commissioning.

B) Inner FIlter is made out of 01 mm thick non-magnetic stainless steel having 03 mm perforation (40 mesh) Gr.SS-304 properly reinforced to avoid damage of the element.


Back Wash System

Automatic backwash strainer has back wash system for cleaning the filter elements: A heavy duty Reduction gear motor unit is provided at top of upper lid of automatic back wash strainer. Automatic Backwash Strainers has backwash System for cleaning inside circumference of filter element. A heavy geared motors is provided on the top lid of strainers, Which rotates the system when required all moving parts of back-wash arrangements are of stainless steel SS-304.

An arrangements of spraying water on element is also provided while backwash system is in operation.

An inspection glass window 150mm dia glass is provided at shell for checking the condition of element timely with the help of a water proof light provided in the shell.

Body of Automatic Back wash strainer are sand blasted from insuide & Outside surface up to Conn-125 NB & Above 125NB all surfaces of automatic backwash strainer are painted with polyester Epoxy Paint (MRF) shade post office Red.


Enginnering for Excellence

Emerald had this in mind when Design Automatic Back-Wash Strainer Series EAR-112. The Priority to make quality and economy Inerent the above series.

This design has been made to meet requirment of our valued clents.


A panel having starter, Timer & Others electrical items is also provided.


Emerald automatic back-wash filter has been manufactured with quality in mind. This design will provide trouble free services to customer. This design is adopted by so many American and european countries.

Specification | Design May be change without any prior Intimation