Water Flow Switch

Water Flow Switch Water Flow Switch


+ Flow Control used in Liquid Flow

+ Lines Carrying Water or Any Fluid

+ Not Harmful to brass or Phosphor

+ Bronze and Not Classified as a Hazardous Fluid


Control Type: Paddle

Maximum Stati Pressure: 10kg/cm2 to 20 kg/cm2

Ambient Temperature Limits: 0 Degree C- 60oC

Maximum Liquid temperature: 100oC

Electrical Switch: Spot Rating: 220 VAC, 15A

Connection: Screw Terminals

Case: Plastic Cover with 1/2 Conduit Opening.


Body- Brass Forged

Connection- 1" BSP (Male Thread)

Base Plate- Stainless Steel SS-304

Paddle- Stainless Steel SS-304

Supply Rating- 220V, 15A

Pressure- PN-10

Indication- It indicates the flow of water in pipe line

Non-Corrosive- All Parts are used of Brass, Stainless Steel are Non-Corrosive metal


Flow Switch may be mounted in a Horizontal Pipe Line or Vertical Pipe Line

Mount the Flow Switch in a section of Pipe where there is a straight run of atleast 5 pipe diameter on each side of the flow switch


Note: Sealed adjustments are not field Adjustable

To Adjust Setting:

1. Remove Switch Cover

2. For Hight Flow Rate-Turn Range adjusting Screw clockwise

3. For lower flow rat-turn range adjusting screw counter clockwise

4. Be sure flow switch cover is replaced before leaving job.

Specification | Design May be change without any prior Intimation